Available courses

Radius Housing Corporate L&D Programme 2022/23

Duration approx 60 minutes - This programme is designed to welcome you to the Association and to assist you settling in to your new role.

Overview of Radius Housing Corporate Learning & Development Programme 2022-2023

Duration approx 15 minutes.

Duration approx 90 minutes -The Health and Safety course looks at the law and legal requirements for dealing with health and safety issues in the workplace.  The course covers performing risk assessments and establishing effective control measures.

Duration approx 40 minutes
This course looks at Equality of Opportunity and Dignity at Work within the workplace.

Duration approx. 60 minutes.  This course looks at the Equality of Opportunity, Data Protection, Complaints and Code of Conduct.

Performance Management aims to develop, maintain and improve employee performance in line with the Association's objectives.  this course will take approx. 50 mins to complete.

Duration approx 60 minutes - If you're already a mentor, you'll find this course invaluable for learning what mentoring is and what it isn't. If you're being mentored, rather than acting as mentor, you'll find the course useful for looking at things 'from the other side of the fence'.

Duration approx 60 minutes - This Coaching Skills course shows how to assess a Learner's needs, draw up a learning plan, assess competence and review progress. It also looks at the various roles and skills required by a Coach to encourage Learners to learn.

Duration approx 15 minutes - Course covers: What is a project; Agreeing the brief; Detailed planning implementation and tracking; Reviewing the project.